Please Pay Registration
Fee After Submitting Reg Form




Age – the competition shall be open to vocal applicants between the ages of 17-25 years old without respect to race, ethnicity or sexual orientation.


Qualifications – the competition shall be open to amateur vocalists regardless of whether they are currently enrolled in primary, secondary, or post-secondary education.


Registration Fee – all applicants shall pay a one-time registration fee in the amount of Fifty dollars ($50.00). There shall be no limit to the number of applicants, however registration shall occur throughout the months of November, December and January. Registration deadline, and sound track submission, is January 31, 2022.


Application Fee Process – Applicants will be adjudicated throughout the month of February. The top five entrants will be notified of their acceptance by a Society representative in early March. At that time, they will receive an invitation to compete via video submission that will be underwritten by the Society.


On-Line Application – This will be filled out once the applicants have passed the initial round of adjudication. Finalists will be notified via e-mail and their names posted on the host website announcing that they have been selected to compete in the April final competition. The application can be found on our participation page.


Adjudication – The judges in this year’s competition have been hand selected from throughout the greater Washington metropolitan area and are veteran academics and professionals. They further represent the vocal pedagogies of their respective academic institutions’ jazz vocal departments. Each of our chosen judges are established educators, performers and individual performing artists in their own right:


•          Darden Purcell

•          Irene Jalenti

•          Lena Seikaly


Each of these individuals will guide your vocal submission through the adjudication process to determine final eligibility. All decisions of these judges will be left to their own discretion and all decisions shall be final.

Finalist Selection – The final selection will occur when all evaluations have been tabulated by our judges. The field of five finalists will then be notified by the Society and invited to submit a video containing three song selections. The five finalists will then be reduced to one winner, one second place nominee, and three runners-up. These selections shall occur, and their announcements made, the third weekend of April. The winner will then receive an invitation to perform in Washington, DC over the” Ella Fitzgerald Weekend” the week immediately thereafter the announcement and shall coincide with the “First Lady of Song’s 105 birthday.


Song Selections – The song selections for this year’s competition was narrowed from a field of four recording s that were published by Ella Fitzgerald and her long-time accompanist Joe Pass as follows:


1.You Took Advantage of Me

2. Take Love Easy

3. I've Got the World On a String

4. Gone With the Wind

5. I May Be Wrong


Each contest will select three of five lead sheets that will be activated upon the registrants’ payment. Each paid registrant shall then record an audio submission with accompaniment for our judges’ review.