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The Blues Alley Jazz Society is pleased to announce the judges, format and activities surrounding our competition as follows:


  1. Jane Monheit (Award-Winning Vocalist)

  2. Peter Eldridge (New York Voices & Berklee College)

  3. Dr. Darden Purcell (George Mason University)


Saturday, April 22nd:


11:00 am = Convocation and Introductions

11:30 am = Opening Remarks

12:00 pm = Opening Ceremony and “Ella Fitzgerald as International Jazz Ambassador”

1:00 pm = “The Role of the Vocalist in a Big Band” (Darden Purcell)

2:00 pm = “Ella and Ellington” (Jane Monheit)

3:00 pm = “Teaching Jazz Vocals at the Academic Institution Level” (Peter Eldridge)

7:00 pm = Competition Announcement and Evening Performance (separate ticketed event)


All events will take place inside the Blues Alley Jazz nightclub, reservations are required.

Subject to change

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