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Past Judges have included:  Alexis Cole (SUNY Purchase), Alison Crockett (Shenandoah University), Connaitre Miller (Howard University), Dr. Darden Purcell (George Mason University), Irene Jalenti (Syracuse), Jessica Boykin-Settles (Howard University), Latonya Wrenn (Bowie State), Lena Seikaly, Sara Jones (Towson), Sarah Andrew Wilson, Peter Eldridge (Berklee College of Music)

Celebrity Guests / Judges have included: Patti Austin, Rene Marie, Jane Monheit and Tierney Sutton

2024 Competition: Winner: Dani Assis
Runner-ups: Aviana Gedler (2nd Place), Angelina Kolobukhova (3rd), Arvin Ma (3rd), and Tina Hashemi (3rd)

2023 Competition: Winner: April Varner
Runner-ups: Katie Oberholtzer (2nd Place), Emily Davies (3rd), Nathan Farrell (3rd), and Decyo McDuffie (3rd)

2022 Competition: Winner: Julia Danielle
Runner-ups: Becky Alice (2nd Place), Dominique Bianco (3rd), Alicia Lindberg (3rd), Decyo McDuffie (3rd)

2021 Competition: Winner: Lucy Wijnands
Runner-ups: Taisha Estrada (2nd Place), Atrin Madani (3rd), Naledi Masilo (3rd), Ariana Stefanidis (3rd)

2019 Competition: Winner: Melinda Rodriguez
Runner-ups: Emilia Zamuner (2nd Place), Emma Hedrick (3rd), Ella Hohnen-Ford (3rd), Arta Jekabsone

2018 Competition: Winner: Erik Leuthaeuser
Runner-ups: Sarah Moyers, Dalia Nasr, Monica Pabelonio, Sarah Rossy

2017 Competition: Winner: Alyssa Allgood
Runner-ups: Alex Hamburger, Lorin Kayla, Nicole Roberts and Danielle Wertz


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