THE BIG BAND JAM! is back in business even though the entire world remains in lock-down. We have officially reserved the Sylvan Amphitheater on the National Mall in Washington, DC for the weekend of April 23-25, 2021.

We have retained Swedish trombonist, composer and former conductor of the Bohsulan Big Band Nils Landgren as our 16th artist-in-residence. The United States Army Blues will be our resident big band and Mr. Landgren will release charts of his own big band compositions shortly after the new year to all eligible schools wishing to participate. While we understand that there may be some hesitation to our event, without a fully-circulated COVID vaccination, we still need to know the number of schools considering participation. We similarly foresee many schools sheltering-in-place for the foreseeable future and we also understand that any mask mandate will similarly flatten the contagion curve. Blues Alley wants to err on the side of caution but we also want to give all of you jazzers out there a chance for your jazz dreams to come true.

Further information can be found on-line at or by contacting