Registration Form – Registration is open for all young male and female singers or vocal students, ages 17 through 25.  All applicants must fill out a registration form regardless of educational or financial circumstance. This approach will ensure that we receive only qualified registrants that meet our competition qualification. Failure to adhere to our guidelines will automatically disqualify any individual. Once a registration has been received, all contestants will receive a link to download the designated competition charts.

Application Form – Application is open for all young male and female singers or vocal students, ages 17 through 25.  It is different from the registration form in that it is intended to promote the competition finalists. The form will contain similar information, however also include a promotional biography and a photograph of the participant. This strategy allows us to profile the applicant in all of our marketing, advertising, interviewing, and in our event brochure. This form is absolutely imperative and failure to provide the presenters with this important information shall be automatic grounds for dismissal. These forms shall be submitted simultaneously with our accompanying waiver of liability. We maintain strict confidentiality of the contents of the application.

Waiver of Liability – the waiver of liability form is fundamentally the most significant component in the competition process with the possible exception of the sound track submission. Failure to submit the form will automatically disqualify any applicant. The purpose of the waiver of liability is to notify any competition contestant that entry to this event is entirely the responsibility of the registrant. It certifies that the registrant or presumptive applicant was not coerced to participate in the competitive event. The event organizers will do everything within their physical means to ensure the privacy and physical protection of the applicant, but the event cannot insure the applicant against bodily harm or injury. If the registrant cannot accept these terms as provided then they are discouraged from pursuing this competition. NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ONCE A REGISTRATION HAS BEEN RECEIVED.

All contestants are chosen based upon a non-partisan, apolitical, non-ecumenical selection process and solely upon their desire to compete fairly and without bias. The only requirement is that all participants submit their own vocal audition recording and have not previously pursued a commercial recording career specifically in vocal presentation. Scholarships are available to needy individuals on a first-come, first-serve basis once they submit their financial request in writing.  All registrations and applications remain the property of the governing organization.

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