1st Place Winner – One individual will be selected from the final field of competitors. The 1st place designee shall receive a one-time award in the amount of one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500.00) and shall perform as the opening act for renowned vocalist Lisa Fisher on Saturday, April 25th at Lisner Auditorium in Washington, DC.

2nd Place Winner – The 2nd place designee shall be one individual who shall receive five hundred dollars ($500.00) and a certificate recognizing the achievement.

3rd Place Winner – There shall be three (3) individuals receiving two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) and certificate recognizing their achievement.

All recipients shall receive prominent press releases, photographic coverage, video opportunities, broadcast interviews and on-line web recognition. Any likeness or reproduction of any individual recipient’s image shall be the property of the principal sponsor.  Sponsor agrees to release likeness to the recipient with prior written permission.

Host Hotel – all finalists will receive complimentary accommodations at the Georgetown Suites.  Hospitality shall also include complimentary food and beverage for the competitors.  Overnight accommodations shall be limited to Friday April 24th Saturday, April 25th with the 1st place winner receiving complimentary accommodations the night of Sunday, April 26th.  Ground transportation shall be the responsibility of the contestants.